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This client's reason for buying an Authentic Essence shoot will melt your heart

Trigger warning: mental health, depression, suicidal thoughts, and eating disorders.

Authentic Essence Client Myk S.

When I first started offering photography for non-traditional milestones, there was a part of me that wondered if people would really "get" that concept and understand the value of photography for personal accomplishments.

Not only do my clients "get it", but they continue to blow me away with the reasons they decide to invest in themselves.

Meet Myk S., my most recent VIP client who decided on an Authentic Essence photoshoot to celebrate their mental health progress.

"Since 2018, my mental health was impacted by depression, suicidal thoughts, and an eating disorder. A lot of this is tied to me discovering my gender identity and finally being comfortable in my sexuality. After successful therapy sessions and a prescription of antidepressants that work for me, I felt like celebrating this new feeling of self-confidence and knowing that whatever happens to me next, I know what to do and how to handle myself."

Prior to the shoot we had our Uncover You Truth call which is a process designed to excavate your deepest limiting belief about self. On the shoot day at Arrive Hotel in east Austin, we settled in for the healing portion of the coaching program, where I walk my clients through a 4-step healing process to re-connect with the truth about themselves. For Myk, the truth statement we uncovered is "I am becoming more of my authentic self".

VIP Package Goodies

Myk said about the coaching process "It was intimidating at first - I am a fairly open book but I was not expecting to tell someone I had just met the most vulnerable parts about myself. But on the day of our shoot, I did not feel like I was being photographed by just anyone - I felt like I was being photographed by someone who already knows me and can highlight the victories I was experiencing and the very reason why I was being photographed."

Myk and I had the most fun day at the Arrive Hotel shooting in their chic suite, as well as the bar area and outdoor patios. Armed with a bottle of Nozecco (non-alcoholic Prosecco) and a Girl in Red vinyl we got to work creating images that were playful, sexy and empowering.

"I rarely enjoyed asking friends or family to take pictures of me - often when my friends offered I told them I would rather take a selfie so I can see how I look and know that I am not making a face I end up hating, or end up focusing on a body part I should feel neutral about instead of negative. I feared what my self-esteem would be like as soon as I see photos where I felt I had no control over the situation.

"This photoshoot felt like I was hanging out with someone I have known for a long time. It felt very natural, as if it was a typical day in Austin and it just so happens I'm being photographed. It was a long day, but it was worth it, 100%!"

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