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The only authenticity-based photographer in Austin.

No more hiding. It's time to share the real you with the world.

As an entrepreneur we think we need to be something or someone else. We want clients and success and so we curate our social media feed to look like those of the people and business owners we admire. We copycat. We pose. We pretend.


But this ends up working against us.

Because your magic lies in that which is uniquely you.

 At Myrro, we know that pulling back the curtain and showing up authentically - exactly as you are - is the key to successfully marketing your business. Why?

Because your most aligned clientele are just like you.

They want the same things. Hope the same hopes. Fear the same fears.

The core feelings that drive them, drive you too.

Through powerful, authentic, digital media we can help you reach them. So that when you speak, they hear you. So that when you share, they see you.

It starts with more of you.



Your Soul Story is the key to unlocking your magnetic approach to marketing and your next level of healing.


Authentic Brand Strategist

Working with Savannah was unlike any other photographer or videographer I've ever worked with. She helps to unlock the soul of your business and bring that authentic voice, vision and truth to the screen.


CEO, Vital-Side

Savannah has been so great to work with! She truly understands what I'm trying to convey in my videos and the tone of each video, which is HUGE when choosing a videographer.


Coach, Author, Speaker

I've appreciated her holistic approach to the projects including interviews and meditations to ensure that I felt safe to share myself and my story in an authentic way.

Video Samples

Savannah Self Portraits-3.jpg

Savannah Power

Intuitive Photographer & Videographer

Savannah Power is an intuitive digital media maker, accomplished screenwriter, award-winning filmmaker and Certified NLP Coach. At Myrro Media, Savannah uses an intuitive approach to videography and photography to help entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and soul-searchers reflect the core of their being through video and photography. With 6+ years in the commercial production industry working for brands such as Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and Anonymous Content, Savannah has carved her own path diverting from advertisements that distract and attack, to crafting meaningful messages that capture the spirit of the subject and create a ripple effect to all who see it. Savannah specializes in capturing profound, genuine moments that -- through intentional editing -- can create a video or photograph that truly “feels like you”. Savannah has a BFA in Visual Media Arts from Emerson College and received the Young Artist’s Award from Interlochen Arts Academy for her film work at the age of 18.

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